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We Specialize in customizing a Heating & Cooling system that works best for your home and individual needs.




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At Rehagen Heating & Cooling our main goal is for our customers to have the lowest possible energy bills.   As the most experienced geothermal dealer in Central Missouri, we use the latest engineering technology and sizing programs available.  Sizing is crucial!  Mistakes made during the installation process can be a lifetime affair.  If a sizing mistake is made you may never recoup your investment.  We urge you to do your homework when choosing an HVAC contractor.  Be sure to ask for past customer references and make sure your HVAC dealer is fully insured and certified.
Take advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit​
The 30% Federal Tax Credit has been restored for Geothermal Heat Pumps!  Don't miss out on an opportunity that will PAY FOR 1/3 OF YOUR INSTALLATION!  Call Rehagen Heating & Cooling TODAY for your FREE ESTIMATE!
We specialize in Ground Source Heat Pump installation.

Rehagen is an authorized WaterFurnace Geothermal Dealer. 

The #1 Geothermal Dealer in the industry.

We specialize in customizing heating and cooling systems that are efficient and work best for you and your home!

Rehagen Heating & Cooling has been proudly serving the entire Central Missouri area for 30 years, over 23 of which have been devoted to specializing in geothermal. Rehagen Heating & Cooling has well over 2,000 geothermal units installed! We take a great deal of pride in our work. It’s a wonderful feeling to be at one of our kid’s ball games or at the grocery store and have a customer pull you aside to tell us about their last months electric bills! Our company offers an IGSPA certified geoexhange designer, we have obtained certification in Geo Piping Loop Design, Fusion Welding , and with Missouri DNR Well Drillers and Pump Installers, our company is BBB accredited, we are members of the Jefferson City Chamber of Commerce, the Jefferson City HBA and serve as committee members for the HBA Green Built program.

Rehagen Heating & Cooling is a full service sheet metal shop, all of our duct work is custom fabricated in our shop (no ordered, boxed, tin foil pre-fab duct!). All duct systems are tailor made for your particular home and are fully insulated and sealed. Rehagen Heating & Cooling whole home systems have been vacuum tested and certified with a 45 Hers Index Rating! (Home Energy Rating System: The energy star requirement index number is 85, the lower the score the better!). Rehagen HVAC systems are currently ranked in the top 10 percentile of HERS scored in the state of Missouri! To have your home vacuum tested visit Gary Fries at www.aserusa.com (see photo of Welek Construction located in our picture gallery.)
Customer education is also very important to us. Installing geothermal is a sizable investment. We want you to have all the information and education possible. When our customers put their faith and trust in us, it is not something we take lightly. We consider all of our customers to be a part of our extended family! Our personal cell phone numbers are included in every bid proposal. Also, with every estimate is a free HVAC Home Energy Audit. Included in that audit will be average monthly savings, your lifetime savings and percentage of return on investment. You will also receive a WaterFurnace DVD, a Geo Journal, information on tax credits and rebates, ARI certificate, all product literature and a Manual J Load Calculation.
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